Max Structural Concept Limited

Technical Representative of KHUNHENG Engineering Works, Malaysia.

  • Admin. Office: 126, Ago Palace way, Ilasamaja, Lagos
  • Head Office: Kilometre 16 Port-Harcourt/Aba Exp.,Boskel Road.
  • Tel : +2348131916624 / +2348161753842
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We are technical representative of Khun Heng Engineering Works, Malaysia. The company started operation 1985. Since established, lots of agricultural industries, structural buildings e.g. Trust church structures in Nigeria as projects delivered. All the industries are still functioning perfectly to this present day. MAX STRUCTURAL CONCEPTS LIMITED as a general contracting company whose scope covers all areas of agricultural construction, structural steels, building engineers, importers of Spare Parts and engineering works across major sectors of the food processing economy. The company has undertaken several challenging projects and accumulated skills, knowledge and wide experience in Agricultural Construction, Civil Engineering Construction and Services. As an Agricultural and Civil Engineering Company with requisite technical and human resources, we have gained competence and knowledge in the distinctive field of agricultural construction. Today, Max Structural Concepts Limited takes on the main contractor role for small and medium size projects with a choice of engagement ranging from the construction of palm oil mills plant and refinery, commercial, industrial projects and services. We also provide design input and engineering solutions as value-added services to our clients. The company has a management team of Suitably Qualified and Experienced Persons (SQEP) with direct experience of several years in major Agricultural Construction and infrastructure development plus a wide range of civil and industrial engineering projects.
Our objective is to provide our clients with 'good value for money' when we are chosen to execute their projects and services. Our emphasis on the consistent delivery of success through the utilization of professional practices and procedures ensures that client's goals are our top priority in the planning and execution of the project works. Our project management delivery standard includes:
• Quality delivery of projects with adequate critical supervision.
• Clear communication with all project stakeholders and subordinates.
• Emphasis on delivery of projects before the stipulated time.
• Tracking of project progress and fine-tuning of deviations as required.