Max Structural Concept Limited

Technical Representative of KHUNHENG Engineering Works, Malaysia.

  • Admin. Office: 126, Ago Palace way, Ilasamaja, Lagos
  • Head Office: Kilometre 16 Port-Harcourt/Aba Exp.,Boskel Road.
  • Tel : +2348131916624 / +2348161753842
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“Although high technology is perceived to be the exclusive preserve of the industrialized world, it should be possible with hard work, discipline, thoroughness and maintenance of high standards to establish a company that can hold its own in the international arena with best practices in all ramifications. The dream of Max Structural Concepts is therefore that of a company aimed at providing first class products and services in the arena of Food Processing Technology with technical competence comparable with the best anywhere in the world.” ...Kinye Briggs


Max Structural Concepts Limited is an engineering company with over 25 years in operation, distinctive competence and knowledge in the field of vertical and horizontal food processing machine systems i.e names of machines such as: Fresh Fruit Bunch Machines (FFB) that produces palm oil, Empty Bunch Machines, Expellers that produces palm kernel oil, Palm kernel cake and sludge oil. In these highly specialized fields, we represent and are associated with the best names in these industries worldwide from KhunHeng Engineering Works, Malaysia, India …. Max Structural Concepts Board of Directors comprises well placed individuals with extensive executive experience, which is being used to direct the affairs of the company. The company has a highly efficient management team comprising persons with wide experience of several years in the engineering of vertical and horizontal food management system as well as material handling with the aim to produce the best value for our clients.


Welcome to Max Structural Concepts Limited. “It is with great pleasure that I confirm a new strategic direction for our company that has been successfully delivering in Nigeria for several years. It is often said within the business world that the only constant is change, and so an organization’s ability to respond quickly and decisively to market conditions is paramount for prosperity. The growing demand for the development of critical infrastructure and construction projects in Nigeria has driven substantial new capital investment in our core business model. Safety, service and quality are the cornerstones on which the business will continue to deliver against. The new corporate structure provides for additional professional capability and expertise to take the company to the next level in agricultural construction, engineering services and industrial projects in Nigeria. The wealth of experience and technical expertise that the new Board of Directors and Management Team bring from both Nigeria and internationally will undoubtedly stand us out from the competition. We therefore invite you to read our company profile to learn about Max Structural Concepts Limited, its professionals, its capabilities and some of the flagship projects we are proud of. The team looks forward to working with you into the future and ensuring that your investment is our investment.”