Max Structural Concept Limited

Technical Representative of KHUNHENG Engineering Works, Malaysia.

  • Admin. Office: 126, Ago Palace way, Ilasamaja, Lagos
  • Head Office: Kilometre 16 Port-Harcourt/Aba Exp.,Boskel Road.
  • Tel : +2348131916624 / +2348161753842
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OUR PEOPLE At Max Structural Concepts Limited, we take great enthusiasm and commitment in delivering our projects and continually assure our clients that our most experienced and competent professionals are serving them at all time. Our people are essential in delivery of services and providing solutions to our clients. To ensure that everyone is equipped with right skills, knowledge, attitude and competencies, a significant training programme is provided to constantly upgrade our people's technical and management skills. We greatly believe in providing accredited training and certifications plus practical knowledge for our people, to enable them to execute their duties and responsibilities confidently without error. Our aim is to provide clients with good value for their money by staying relevant in the ever-changing market place and meeting our client's requirements.


The business is driven by technically knowledgeable professionals in construction, project management and services that thereby ensure the products delivered meet the satisfaction of the clients. Collectively they have gathered several years of working experience in the management of Food Processing Machines, Building Construction; they are involved in Business Development, Project Management, Building Construction Services, Procurement and Administration of the company. The management team proactively reviews and gathers feedback, identifies any deficiencies in business process and implements change management plus process improvement to ensure that our services meet the high standards of our clients. A regular review of work processes are carried out and key learning points are communicated to the organization and to all staff at regular meetings.